Product information Textile poster Children's room

Material Textile poster

The textile posters are made from the Cotton Look Kendal fabric. This is a supple polyester fabric (210gr/m2) with a soft cotton appearance. The fabric can be washed at 30 degrees, but take into account a shrinkage tolerance of approximately 2% when washing. The fabric can NOT be tumble dried, but it can be ironed at a maximum temperature of 110 degrees.

The textile poster comes with 2 beech wood sticks and a leather cord.

Fabrics can wrinkle

Fabrics, including wall hangings and textile posters, can wrinkle due to packaging and transport. Packaged neatly rolled or lightly folded, it can happen. Both textile posters and wall hangings can be ironed on the back.

The Textile Posters and Wall Hangings are carefully packaged and usually rolled up. However, it sometimes happens that a wrinkle appears in the fabric.

For example, if a tapestry is packaged rolled up, the fabric may well wrinkle. This can happen if, for example, the transporter does not transport the box lying down, but standing up. The fabric then compresses itself, as it were. A large rug is especially sensitive to this.

Even though we ensure that your product is carefully packaged, a carrier may handle your package less neatly. This may cause the contents to become wrinkled.

Custom Made

Textile posters are custom made for you and therefore cannot be returned.


  1. Iron on the back
  2. Steaming at the rear
  3. Don't have an iron? Place a slightly damp/damp (tea) towel on the crease overnight and weigh it down. Then you hang out the fabric.
  4. Pressing the fabric at the back. (Pressing is done with a hot iron and a damp (tea) towel. Place the cloth over the part you want to press and press firmly for 5 to 10 seconds)