Collection: Cushions for the nursery

Create a Magical Children's Room with Our Colorful Cushions

A children's room is a world of imagination, adventure and dreams. And what better than a collection of cheerful and comfortable pillows to bring that world to life? At The Collection we understand the essence of children's rooms, and our colorful cushions are designed to be the perfect companions for little ones.

Why Cushions for the Children's Room?

Cushions not only add comfort to the room, but they also provide countless benefits for the nursery:

  1. Playfulness: Our cushions come in a wide range of colors and patterns, stimulating children's imaginations and bringing the room to life.

  2. Comfort: A soft pillow provides a comfortable place to read, play or just relax.

  3. Safety: Our cushions are made of high-quality materials and meet strict safety standards, so parents can enjoy their nursery with peace of mind.

  4. Educational: Pillows with educational designs, such as alphabets or zoo animals, can also serve as learning tools for young minds.

The Magic of Color and Pattern

Children love color and pattern, and our cushions bring that magic into the nursery. Whether you choose vibrant rainbow colors or cute animal prints, our cushions add personality and joy to any room.

Order Your Cushions for the Children's Room Now

Transform the children's room into a playful oasis of comfort and creativity with our colorful cushions. At The Collection we understand that children deserve the best, which is why we only offer high-quality and durable cushions that are designed to stand the test of time.

Order now and give your children's room the magical touch it deserves. Discover the world of colour, comfort and joy with our cushions for the nursery.

Material of the decorative cushions

The Cotton Look is a beautiful, supple polyester (210gr/m2) with a soft cotton look. The cover can be washed at 30 degrees, but CANNOT be put in the dryer. Ironing can be done at a maximum of 110 degrees.

The fabric has a shrinkage tolerance of approximately 2%.

Cushions are made On Demand and Custom Made for you. Returns are therefore no longer possible.