Assembly and safety instructions for wall circles with different hanging systems and surfaces.

Assembly instruction:

If you prefer to download the step-by-step plan, click HERE

  1. Allow the panel and mounting plate to acclimatize to room temperature (20 degrees)
  2. Remove the protective film from the back of the panel. How do you recognize the difference? Protective film is shiny. The back of the panel is matte.
  3. Determine the location of the mounting plate in the middle, 1/4 distance from the top. Clean this area with the supplied alcohol wipe and dry with paper towels.
  4. Stick the mounting plate on the panel and press it firmly for 20 seconds.
  5. Apply pressure to the mounting plate with a heavy object (15 kg) and let it rest for an hour.
  6. Wait 24 hours before hanging the panel.
  7. View the mounting map here

NB; not suitable for plexiglass with print on the back.

With this product, the installation of the mounting plate is your own responsibility due to the installation steps that The Collection has no influence on. The Collection cannot be held liable for any damage or problems.

How do you attach the mounting plate in the middle of the back?

If you want to place the mounting plate exactly in the middle at the back of the wall circle, there is a very handy trick for this.

  1. Place the wall circle face up.
  2. Take painter's tape or non-adhesive tape. It must be tape that you can mark with a pen or pencil.
  3. Stick on the edge of the wall circle and in the middle, above and below the tape. You do this so that a small piece of tape is also visible on the back of the wall circle. Do not put tape on the image.
  4. Mark with a pencil above and below the center of the wall circle by drawing a line in the right place and continue this line on the back.
  5. You then turn the wall circle around and you can draw a perpendicular line to the back of the wall circle. If you do not want to draw on the back, you can extend the tape a little here.
  6. Now you have the exact center of the wall circle.
  7. Then stick the mounting plate exactly in the middle at 1/4 height on the back of the wall circle.
  8. NB! Do not stick the mounting plate over your tape and always remove the tape when you are done.
  9. Then you are left with the spacers. Stick the spacers on the left and right at the bottom of the wall circle, slightly away from the edge. How much distance you want to keep depends on the size of your wall circle.

Make sure that the wall circle hangs in a safe and child-friendly place.

Product description Tesa Powerstrips Large 2kg

Tesa Powerstrips Large are suitable for attaching objects up to 2 kg. The strips are ideal. You no longer have to drill holes and you can remove the wall circle or visual at any time without damaging your wall. (Please note! If your wall paint does not adhere strongly enough to your wall, the wall paint can still come off the wall due to the strong adhesive layer and/or due to incorrect removal of the strip)

You use the Powerstrips on a flat, dust-free, moisture and grease-free surface. For example, is there smoking in the house or is the room greasy from cooking? This can affect adhesion.

Tips: For a wall circle or a visual, use 2 strips, above and below or in each corner, or 4 strips that are evenly distributed over the object. If you have a large wall circle, use more strips for a good distribution. This way your work of art always hangs tightly against the wall. If you do not want the strips to be visible on the screen, stick the strips completely on the material. Stick them as close to the edge as possible. This way you don't see the strips and you can still remove them (which is a bit more difficult).

Materials and weight for Tesa Powerstrips

You can quickly and easily stick White PVC on the wall. If you are going for a new look and want a different wall circle on the wall, for example, you can remove the strips without leaving traces. White PVC is suitable for the power strips. If you choose a large size, go for a hanging system. The maximum load capacity of 1 strip is 2kg on a smooth surface.

Weight of White PVC (Forex):

The weight per m2 is 1.53 kg/m2

Surfaces Tesa Powerstrips

  • Double-sided adhesive strip suitable for various surfaces
  • Suitable for tiles, glass, wood and most plastics.
  • Not suitable for use on Styrofoam ® , foamed materials and porous materials
  • Not suitable for walls that have been treated with wall paint that contains silicone.
  • Not suitable for Vinyl wallpaper, latex and non-adhesive surfaces

Attaching Tesa Powerstrips

  • Clean the surface.
  • Apply the Powerstrip to the object, 5 sec.
  • Press the object against the surface for 5 sec.

Please note: You are responsible for installing the Tesa Powerstrips yourself. The Collection cannot be held liable for any damage or problems.