Collection: Large Luxury Wall Hangings

Luxury Wall Decoration; Tapestry with Original Design

The wall hangings from The Collection are original and luxurious.

The designs are from our designers!

In addition, The Collection has put together a collection of the most popular images. This way you always get a unique copy for your living room.

In addition to the beautiful designs, the tapestry is made of a luxuriously thick 100% cotton fabric with a fine finish. This gives the tapestry its luxurious appearance.

If you have a bit of reverberation in your home, a wall tapestry also works very well against poor acoustics. The fabric muffles loud sounds.

Wall hangings Due to their often large size, they are perfect for finishing an entire wall in one go.
This saves a lot of time and gives the room a different look in no time. 
Wall hangings are also ideal for quickly and super easily adding extra color to a room.
Especially if you have walls in neutral colors.