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Tapestry Vintage Mandela

Tapestry Vintage Mandela

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This is the Vintage Mandela Tapestry

A tapestry is Custom Made. Returns are therefore not possible.

Tapestry material description

  • The tapestry comes with rods, cover caps and beautiful black wall hooks.
  • The tapestry is available in different widths: 120, 150, 180 and 210cm wide
  • Top of rod: Is 30cm. wider than the canvas. The rod extends 15 cm on both sides of the canvas.
  • Bottom Rod: Is incorporated into the hem. Only the cover caps are visible. The rod weighs down the canvas. In addition to the thick fabric, this gives a luxurious look.
  • Rod material: Black steel
  • Rod thickness: Ø 29 mm
  • Height of the square cloth is equal to the width of the cloth.

Finishing Tapestry

You can choose the color of the yarn that the tapestry is finished with. Depending on the print and the look you want, you can choose between white stitching or black stitching for the hem.

100% cotton Wall Tapestry with Design

The wall hangings are made from a 100% (420gr/m2) sturdy cotton fabric with a beautiful and coarse structure. This coarse cotton fabric is produced according to the Better Cotton Initiative (BCI) requirements. The BCI focuses on making cotton cultivation more sustainable and guaranteed quality. The fabric can be washed at 30 degrees, but can NOT be tumble dried. Ironing can be done on the unprinted side. The fabric has a shrinkage tolerance of approximately 4%.

The tapestry is provided with a tunnel at the top and at the bottom. The tapestry therefore has a tunnel of 6 cm at both the top and the bottom. The sides are hemmed in the stitching color of your choice.

Finishing and mounting tapestry

The tapestry is provided with a rod at the top and at the bottom. The tapestry therefore has a tunnel of 6 cm at both the top and the bottom. The sides are hemmed. The rod at the top is always 30 cm wider than the canvas (15 cm on each side). This gives you space to place a wall hook and makes the whole look better. By placing a rod at the bottom we make the tapestry heavier, giving it a sleek appearance. For the rod at the bottom, the width of the canvas is maintained, so that the rod almost disappears into the tapestry. Because there are so many different types of surfaces, there are no screws and plugs for wall mounting in the package.

When delivered, there are protective caps in the rod for transport. You must remove the protective caps before the cover caps are placed.

The cover caps have a small screw. You can loosen and tighten the screw on the rod with the supplied key.

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