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Tesa Power Strips Large

Tesa Power Strips Large

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Product description Tesa Powerstrips Large 2kg

Tesa Powerstrips Large are suitable for attaching objects up to 2 kg. The strips are ideal. You no longer have to drill holes and you can remove the wall circle or visual at any time without damaging your wall. You use the Powerstrips on a flat and grease-free surface.

You can quickly and easily stick White PVC/Forex on the wall. If you are going for a new look and want a different wall circle on the wall, for example, you can remove the strips without leaving traces. If you choose a large size, go for a hanging system.

The maximum load capacity of 1 strip is 2kg on a smooth surface. Weight of White PVC (Forex): The weight per m2 is 1.53 kg./m2. It is advisable to hang panels above 50cm with a mounting plate.

Surfaces Tesa Powerstrips: Double-sided adhesive strip suitable for various surfaces
Suitable for tiles, glass, wood and most plastics.
Not suitable for use on Styrofoam®, foamed materials and porous materials
Not suitable for walls that have been treated with wall paint that contains silicone.
Not suitable for walls treated with removable/washable wall paint
Not suitable for Vinyl wallpaper and non-adhesive surfaces
Not suitable for loose plasterwork and wall paint that does not adhere well.

Attaching Tesa Powerstrips Clean the surface. Apply the Powerstrip to the object, 5 sec. Press the object against the surface for 5 sec. The wall must be flat, free of grease, moisture and dust. For example, deposits from smoking or cooking can affect adhesion. Also read the manual that comes with it. The Collection is not liable for incorrect use.
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