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Wall circle Café terrace at Nacht van Gogh

Wall circle Café terrace at Nacht van Gogh

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Café terrace at night, also known as Terrasse du café le soir, Place du forum, Arles, is a painting by the Dutch painter Vincent van Gogh that he made in September 1888 in the French city of Arles. The painting is in the Kröller-Müller Museum in Otterlo. 

The different material choices:

Aluminum is super strong, light and sturdy and is also called Dibond. The material does not warp and is therefore very suitable for outdoor use. The basic color is aluminum. This shows that the edge has an aluminum color with a black core. The panel has a thickness of 3mm. and has a weight of 4.32 kg/m2.
Aluminum is also suitable for outdoor use. Would you like to hang the wall oval outside? Then choose the side grip holders so that the wall oval will remain firmly attached to your fence or outside wall.

White PVC is a foamed PVC with a hard top layer and is also called Forex. This material is super sturdy and lightweight at the same time. When unpacking and hanging up, keep in mind that a large size is flexible. The base color is white. This makes you see that the edge is white. The panel has a thickness of 3mm. and has a weight of 1.53 kg./m2.

The Tesa Powerstrips are suitable for the Forex (white PVC) plates. In this case, make sure that the surface is well degreased and that wall paint or wallpaper is suitable for this method of attachment. If this is not the case, the plates may fall off the wall. So keep this in mind!!

We recommend the mounting plates for the Di-Bond wall boards. If you opt for a large size wall sign, order two hanging plates. This way you can be sure that your image hangs securely.

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