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Wall arch dark wood carving of seamless wallpaper

Wall arch dark wood carving of seamless wallpaper

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Add a unique accent to your home with our wall arches. With dimensions of 100x200cm or 120x200cm, these arches fit effortlessly in different rooms, such as the living room, bedroom, kitchen or hallway.

Wall arches; Sustainability is our Priority:

Our wall arches are made of a material with a PVC-free coating that is fully recyclable. This makes it an environmentally friendly alternative to other wallpaper types, without compromising on super nice print quality. Thanks to its fire-retardant properties, the material is also safe to use in public areas, making it perfect for various applications.

Wall arches are suitable for damp areas, such as bathrooms. Make sure that the material does not get wet to prevent mold formation. We do not recommend it in constantly humid and warm environments.

These wall arches are manufactured using UV printing technology. The ink is cured by a UV lamp, resulting in scratch-resistant prints with a beautiful visual effect. Due to the gray backing, the color of the wall does not shine through the wallpaper. Please note: the print may initially have a slight odor, but this will dissipate over time.

Easy Assembly, Easy Removal:

Our wall arches are easy to install with wallpaper glue and, if desired, easy to remove. Dilute the wallpaper paste with water to ease the removal process. Please note that the gray back may give off something.

Depending on the substrate, we recommend Medium adhesive for highly absorbent surfaces such as plaster walls, and High adhesive for non-absorbent surfaces such as panels or doors. For extra adhesion on highly absorbent surfaces, a primer pre-treatment may be necessary.

Maintenance advice:

Keep the wall arches in top condition by cleaning them with warm water and a fiber cloth. Avoid using cleaning agents as they can affect the ink.

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