Instructions for pasting wallpaper circles

Please note: The wallpaper circles from Airtex and Basic wall must be attached with wallpaper glue.

The material of the self-adhesive wall circle is made of a self-adhesive polyester. This makes sticking very easy. The wall circle can also be applied without wrinkles thanks to the acrylic adhesive layer. In addition, the material is smooth and does not curl.

You can quickly and easily stick this material on any smooth surface without bubbles. The wall circle is also water-resistant and virtually tear-resistant, while the special adhesive layer is not hard-adhesive. As a result, it does not affect the underlying paint layers or wallpaper.

Check in advance:

  • Work on a smooth wall. Grease and dust free.
  • Grab a squeegee or clean cloth
  • If necessary, use painter's tape to determine the position
  • Work in pairs

Let's start:

1. First determine the position on the wall. It is useful to use tape. This way you can test the position without actually sticking the wallpaper circle.

2. If you are satisfied with the correct position, you can start.

Tip: Always work from top to bottom and do not remove the entire back at once.

Because you have hung the wallpaper circle in place with tape, you can easily detach the back of the wallpaper circle from the top layer.

First fold the piece of back, which is separate from the front, towards the back. Now stick the small piece of about 5-10cm on the wall. You carefully wipe the wallpaper circle from left to right on the wall with a clean hand or cloth.

3. Now that the top part of the wallpaper circle is stuck to the wall, you can continue.

With one hand you slowly pull the back a little further. At the same time, move your other hand from left to right over the front of the wallpaper circle to stick it in place. You will notice that this is very easy.

The larger the circle, the more difficult. Tip: work in pairs, so that one can stick and the other slowly removes the backing

4. Tadaaa! Before you know it, the wallpaper circle is hanging on the wall.


  • Work on a SMOOTH and CLEAN wall.
  • Make sure the surface is dry. Allow painted walls to dry for at least two weeks (depending on the paint you use).
  • DO NOT remove the back in one go!
  • Work calmly and determine the position.
  • If you have chosen a large wallpaper circle, paste in pairs
  • Press or wipe the wallpaper circle well with a clean cloth or squeegee


  • Once you have pasted a wallpaper circle, it cannot be returned.
  • If you have attached the wallpaper circle to a textured wall, this is at your own discretion and risk. The adhesion may then be less, because the adhesion only takes place on the top layer of the structure.

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