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Product information Biba Jewelry.

Biba's jewelry is fashionable and contemporary.

The metal types are anti-allergic and free of all prohibited heavy metals.

The material Resin is also used for a number of earrings.

What exactly is Resin?

Polystone or Resin consists of crushed stone (including granite, marble, soapstone) which is mixed with a liquid synthetic resin. Mixing the stone with the synthetic resin creates a pourable mixture. This mixture is poured into a rubber mold of, for example, a statue. After curing, the statue is removed from the mold. The sharp protrusions and edges of the statue are removed, it is sanded in several steps and then polished. After this, the statue is painted by hand, dried and polished again. The result is an image that is as hard and strong as stone and also feels like it. Liquid resin has been used for centuries. You have two different types: Natural liquid resin, which we all know from, for example, the resin of a pine tree. This resin was used thousands of years ago in Egypt to mummify bodies. And the resin that is extracted from petroleum. This resin is a lot cheaper and easier to make. Many items are now made from synthetic resin from petroleum. This Resin is a resin that is secreted by coniferous trees, for example pine trees. The resin is tapped from the trees and collected in a container. The resin differs in color, transparency and hardness. Polystone has the advantage that moisture cannot penetrate, making it a very suitable material for leaving outside. Of course, with colored objects you have to take into account some fading of the paint color over time. It is better not to clean polystone figures with a cleaning agent, because it contains chemicals that can affect the coloring. Many items that used to be made from vulnerable plaster are now cast from Polystone.

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