Trend kleuren najaar 2023

Trend colors autumn 2023

In the autumn of 2023 we will see a lot of Nude, Off-White and light earth tones.

These colors are often combined with a brighter neon color to give your outfit or your interior a fresh boost.

Light colors often reminded us of spring. But in recent years, the trend of "light colors for autumn" has been going on for quite some time.

Why are light color variants chosen?

People are happy with light and cheerful colors. As society becomes increasingly hardened, people are looking for other ways to feel cheerful and happy.

Basically the same as going on holiday. Just a boost for your thoughts. Colors do the same.

Sometimes a different color of nail polish or lipstick can make a big difference. You look at your hands and think "my nails look beautiful again". And you feel happy with yourself again.

The same goes for accessories for the home or a nice bag or scarf. A little accent that makes you happy.

This is why light colors are increasingly predominant, combined with earth tones, matte black or metallic.

Earth tones in light or dark are also very easy to combine with many other colors. We already have enough to think about these days. So when you can easily mix and match items in your home or wardrobe, this gives you peace of mind.

Peace in the house, peace in your mind!

Below I show a number of examples of the colors to expect.

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