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Acoustic art

Take your acoustics to the next level with the Acoustic Art collection from The Collection.

Good acoustics make life much more comfortable. An acoustic panel on the wall ensures that sound waves are better absorbed and the reverberation time in the room is reduced. Of course, furniture, curtains and carpeting also slow down sound waves, but with acoustic panels you can reduce reverberation even further.

Material and specifications

Acoustic Art is made of AcousticPro Premium panels with high sound absorption, where the printed fabric is glued with acoustic material. This acoustic material consists of a 100% recyclable polyester top layer and a backing of 90% recycled jeans. The Collection works exclusively with the AcousticPro Premium for optimal performance. The backing of the Premium consists of 2 layers of acoustic dampening material. The hanging system is very simple and the frame is available in white and black.

The acoustic print is in an anodized aluminum white or black frame. You get a complete set that you don't have to assemble yourself. Anodizing gives the frame a wear-resistant layer and makes it last a long time.

What do you need for a good result?

With a floor area of:

  • 10m2, you are looking at Acoustic Art of at least 2m2 to 3m2
  • 20m2, you are looking at Acoustic Art from at least 4m2 to 7m2
  • 35m2, you are looking at Acoustic Art from at least 7m2 to 12m2
  • 60m2, you are looking at Acoustic Art from at least 12m2 to 20m2
  • 80m2, you are looking at Acoustic Art from at least 16m2 to 27m2


The thickness (depth) of the frame is 4.2cm, the front view is only 5mm.

The Acoustic Art panels from The Collection are available in different sizes and are indicated in centimeters

Once you have selected your favorite, the production process starts, because The Collection delivers On Demand. This means no stock; an environmentally conscious choice.

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