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rug cow beige 250cm (bos taurus)

rug cow beige 250cm (bos taurus)

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rug cow beige 250cm (bos taurus)

NB! These are real leather rugs and are large!

The skin has been used during a photo shoot/trade fair. It must first be explained properly.

This rug is a cowhide in beige. Our cowhide hides are made from natural materials, so no two products are the same. Each rug has its own unique pattern, this way each rug is unique and the product you receive may therefore differ from the photo.
The cowhides are residual products that we give a second life as decoration.

Material: leather
Colour: beige
Dimensions: 180x250x0.3cm
Composition 100% natural/leather
Washing instructions: wipe with slightly damp cloth

Mate 250x180x0cm
Material Hides
Washing instructions No
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